Camp Rules:

Check in time from 10:00 – 18:00
Check out time 10:00

All activities is done at own risk.

We take no responsibility for:
– injuries
– damage to property
– loss of property
– weather
– damage caused by weather

Small dogs are allowed if kept on a leash. Please clean after your dog.

We have a NO loud music, NO motorbike/quad bike and NO fireworks policy.

Please be quiet after 22h00.

Mind other campers and children as many kids may run or bike around the premises.

When fishing:
– All fishing is done on a catch and release basis, to protect the fauna and flora
– Entering the dam without a life jacket is prohibited

PLEASE READ AND ADHERE TO THE SWIMMING POOL RULES BEFORE ENTERING THE POOL AREA ,as it is there for the enjoyment of all, in a safe area.

Children may use the pool only under adult supervision.

Please do not waste water.

Please leave the ablution area in a state you would like to find it.

Please don’t flush any foreign objects down the toilets.

Please do not litter, and pick up your cigarette butts.

Please note that there is a gravel road of approximately 3km by which you travel and we are not in charge of it’s upkeep. We are in a farming community and request you not to litter on the road, and not to discard of cigarette butts while driving. There may be wild and other animals on the road, THEY HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY.

@97 Kamp en Hengel has the right of admission reserved. In the event of any conflict, theft or damage by a wrongful act of a visitor, @97 Kamp en Hengel can, at it’s own discretion, request the whole party to leave the property.
Example: if anyone in your party, adult or minor, stole or damage something from the resort or anywhere else, the entire party of that stand/stands, can be requested to leave, and will do so within one hour. Criminal activities will be reported to the police and action will be taken against such individuals.

The person responsible for the invoice payment, will be held liable for any damaged caused during your stay.

By signing this document, you waive the the right to claims against @97 Kamp en Hengel or it’s employees for all activities, or injuries sustained at the caravan park.

Covid 19 rules must be obeyed.

When entering the premises, stay on the road ,keep off the lawn, to protect the irrigation system.

Launching of boat/jetski allowed. No launch pad though, due to inconsistent dam levels, All relevant document to be listed in a register.


Document must be signed upon arrival.